About PenSure


Every day, scores of Australian businesses enter into commercial agreements, many for multi-million dollars, without fully considering— let alone understanding—whether contract terms could leave them uninsured.

For example, insurers typically exclude cover for any risks an insured “assumes” under an agreement. This means that insurers will not cover you if you agree to take on someone else’s liabilities (i.e. liabilities the law would not normally impose on you). 

Secondly, agreements often contain specific terms which oblige one party to take out liability insurance for another. If you have agreed to arrange this insurance on specific terms, and do not understand or meet those particular obligations, you may find yourself uninsured.

Take a look at some examples of what can occur here.

PenSure INDEMNITY CHECK is a cost-effective, risk management service provided by trusted, highly experienced insurance lawyers to help you quickly and confidently identify potential uninsured contractual risks and obtain the right liability insurance. 

The PenSure advantage

PenSure’s competitive edge lies in the accumulated knowledge and practical insights its lawyers possess from resolving thousands of insurance claims and contractual disputes.

It can be easy to underestimate the legal complexities that risk transfer and insurance obligations can present.  Gaining a full understanding of these difficult issues requires years of on-the-job legal and claims resolution experience, underpinned by up-to-date knowledge of the very latest court decisions, an appreciation of market practices, and commercial pragmatism. 

These are the factors that help the PenSure team stand out from others and give you an advantage.

  • How PenSure works

    PenSure can be used for existing or proposed commercial agreements which may impact on insurance arrangements.

  • PenSure Pricing Guide

    Every PenSure advice is given by specialist lawyers who provide swift turnaround in the critical timeframe in which you will be negotiating a contract or considering a contractual concern.

  • Business Terms and Conditions

    Business Terms and Conditions for the PenSure INDEMNITY CHECK service.